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Indiana, Michigan, Ohio Skywarn
North Webster, IN NWS

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Before the ground was broken for the new National Weather Service (NWS) office, the spotters from 24 of the 37 counties met to begin setting up the organization that became IMO Skywarn. 

It was decided that the area would be broken up into four areas, called quads.  The quad numbers start at the northeast and go clockwise. 

Quad 1 is the only quad with parts of all three states.  Centered around Angola, IN, this quad has the greatest challenges for communications.  The fruit hills, created by the glaciers, give spotty coverage to lower power mobile radios.    

Quad 2 is centered around Fort Wayne, IN, and covers the largest geographic area.  This quad, like Quad 4, is blessed with two counties of the same name, from two states.     

Quad 3 is the only quad fully in Indiana, and usually is the first one to have weather during the summer as storms approach from the southwest.

Quad 4 is the smallest quad, but it is the "Lake Effect" area.  This area is the most active, as it not only has summer weather events, but also regularly has winter weather lake effect snow events.

Below is a map of the 37 counties assigned to the North Webster office of the NWS. Quad 1 is in blue, Quad 2 is in green, Quad 3 is in yellow, and Quad 4 is in red. 

To get more information on a quad, use the navigation buttons on the top of this page, or click inside the quad on the graphic below, for more information.  

North Webster NWS Office Coverage Area and IMO Quad Chart

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