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Quad 4 Information

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The graphic to the left shows the counties that
comprise the IMO Quad 4 area.  There are two
repeaters used to pass information to and from
the NWS office in North Webster. They are:

Primary repeater is 145.430- with a 131.8 PL.
Backup repeater is 147.390+ with a 131.8 PL.

Quad 4 uses a structured net, with a control
operator "in charge" of the frequency during
weather events. 


The following list of frequencies is used by the counties of Quad 4 for local nets.

        County                            Repeater             PL Tone

bulletBerrien (MI)                             146.820-                   88.5
bulletCass (MI)                                  145.210-                 131.8
bulletElkhart (IN)                              146.895-                 131.8
bulletLaPorte (IN)                             146.970-                 131.8
bulletSt. Joseph (IN)                         147.390+                131.9
bulletSt. Joseph (MI)                         145.310-                  94.8